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Here some examples of returns that you could expect from our ideas and strategies:

One of our simplest long term strategy that we have been backtested over the past 12 years would have transformed 10.000$ into 5.000.000$ thanks to an average return of 70% per year.

With our safest strategy with nearly no risk you can expect to get a yearly return going from 4 to 10% which is up to 20 times the best return you can curently expect from a simple saving bank account.


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What our members have to say…

Great investment ideas, cryptos are going crazy at the moment and thanks to SMTM I am able to profit from it. Thank you SMTM!

Rodrigo Teixeira / Portugal

Stable returns with measured risk, that’s what I call a good investment. Great Ideas.

Simon / US

Crypto madness!!! Obrigado SMTM, bons retornos…

Tiago / Portugal

J’adore ce site!! Des super investissements, çà vaut les 25 euros par mois, sans aucun doute. TOP!!!!!!!!

François / Belgium

Great investments, great support, took the annual membership, totally worth it. Thank you

Magali / France

Thank you SMTM, first month 20% return on my stock investments, can’t wait to start using more strategies.

Oscar / UK