If you are looking for a long-term strategy that brings good returns, that is easy to apply and has been verified and tested during more than a decade.

You are at the right place.

This strategy is based on investing in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). An ETF is a fund that brings together a collection of assets such as stocks or bonds that reflect the performance of stock market indexes. There are a lot of ETFs on the market. But our strategy is based on ETFs that track some of the most important indexes in the market such as the S&P500, the Nasdaq-100 or some Treasury bonds indexes.

For your illustration, here it is what the chart of the S&P500 looks like.

Our ETF based strategy is very easy. You only have to take action once a month thanks to our own developed indicator.

This indicator tells you where to position yourself every month.

Over the last 12 years, the value of the S&P500 increased by 250 %. However, our strategy has given so far, an increase of about 50 000 % over the same period with an average return of 70% a year.

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